HISTORY Since 1946

FPM-FABBRICAPELLETTERIEMILANO is an Italian leather goods brand founded in 1946, that has made a comeback with a newly found energy and vigor. It is the expression of the best Italian talent and aesthetics, as well as expertise.

A trip around the world, the hours in a day, FPM is a movement that accompanies the very essence of life: one that is dynamic, global, open minded, curious, fluid, connected. FPM now inaugurates a new chapter with a new project: a crossover between design and leather goods: 'IN THE NAME OF MOVEMENT' .

World renowned designers, working together to create new suitcases, bringing in new technologies and designs, are looking for ways to respond to the needs of the modern traveler: lightness, security, aesthetics and functionality.


世界一周旅行、一日における時間、FPMは、生涯のまさしく欠くことのできないムーブメントを起こします:それは躍動的であり、包括的、偏見のない、好奇心をそそり、流動的といったことが結びついています。 FPMは、現在 新しいプロジェクトを立ち上げ、新たな序章を開始しています:'IN THE NAME OF MOVEMENT'というプロジェクト、それはデザインと革製品との融合を意味します。